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como achar mac address no windows 7 Onde est o nmero de srie localizado no meu desktop? Como fao para alterar o idioma do teclado no Windows 7? Como .

However, for those who would like to run the latest operating system and have a Mac officially capable of running Lion, but not Mountain Lion, there are obstacles to overcome.

4.2. Extract the mpkg file by using the command line pkgutil

Installing Mountain Lion on an unsupported Mac involves defeating these issues. Where there is a challenge, it is a safe bet that hardworking hackers will rise to the occasion. Do not attempt to install Mountain Lion on an unsupported Mac if it is "mission critical" or data is important.

Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion

Any hacks are performed at your own risk. Be absolutely sure to backup everything before proceeding with any experimental hacks or before proceeding with any official operating system upgrades, for that matter. Although the process of installing Mountain Lion on these Macs is complex, and involves a hardware upgrade of the graphics card, a second hard drive, and an assortment of " Hackintosh " tactics, the diligent hacker " Jabbawok " prepared a straightforward tutorial archive copy, original no longer online.

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The equally diligent hacker "hackerwayne" has provided a detailed tutorial to install Mountain Lion on other unsupported Macs, including custom kexts drivers from hackers "kylegray" and "trunkz" for partial support of GMA and X graphics. Should you be interested in installing Mountain Lion on any of the other unsupported Macs, be absolutely sure to pay close attention to the "What works, what doesn't" section in the tutorial.


I have a , and in 6 years. You can try to run Windows 8 on a computer from , if you want… In many cases it will work. Talk about planned obsolescence! Could this be just another way that Apple reaps in huge profits at the expense of its dedicated users? Way to install New OS on old computer. Though having said that, my machine is doing everything that I need it to do — Media server and video editor.

Mac Pro 1. Up until yesterday I was happy, albeit, pokey on a MacBook Pro 2,1 from as well. When you have many thousands invested in a machine the the unit itself plus RAM, video cards, hard drives and more you really expect a long service life. Of course I can still run Snow Leopard and get a good days work done we skipped Lion-too many problems , but now we have no access to iCloud on our 1.

What gives Apple? There is absolutely nothing wrong with it except that it has a 32EFI.. Apple has pissed me right off on this decision. I will eventually try the procedure developed by Jabbawok. The one you would purchase from the online store will work in the Mac Pro as will the Right, that's what I'm saying I don't have another Mac. Well actually I have 23 other macs but they are all older than my MacPro 1,1.

Mac Pro 1,1 Running Mountain Lion

That's good to know about the and the sic. Unfortunately, I cannot help with the other problem.

How to Hack Incompatible Macs to Run Mountain Lion:

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