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My dad and I have very similar music interests, I would show him something, and he would show me something. Lawrence: Eventually it got to sixth, seventh, eighth grade when all I listened to were Phish and jazz — like Miles Davis, John Coltrane, the bigs. Then in high school I got into more contemporary stuff like hip hoppy stuff, and electronic stuff. Mind Design, J. And then that to know, just kind of everything, Mac DeMarco, Tame Impala, all the new sights kind of stuff.

I had a CD player and I would just play that. It was actually a really well-put-together compilation, nothing too cheesy. When I started elementary school, I just listened to whatever was on the radio, like top I had an iPod Shuffle and it was just a mix of Soulja Boy and then stuff my parents showed me — there was no actual search for music, it was just stuff that was coming in my life.

Then I started listening to bands that were more kind of stripped-down and simple, I guess, like the Strokes. Berglove: Julien was like five seconds away from coming to like hang out at our dorm after the Whitney concert! He came up and talked to us afterwards; I mean, we were 18 years old and having way too much fun in the front row.

You must sleep on a lot of floors, you know, how is it? How do you get to sleep, what is your method? And, you know, I think she made his neck better, so…. Someone brings an outline in, usually Jake, and we hash it out with the band. Turned out she'd been lip syncing.

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Yeah, interesting day. We'll be coming over and playing our first Sydney and Melbourne shows in March, and by the end of that month our second EP, Run Kon Koma, will be out and hopefully kickin'. From there, who knows? But hopefully no more serious injuries. Indie, Rock Melbourne , Post-Punk. What do you get when you combine a heavy dose of '90s influence with a 6-piece outfit? A massive wall of sound. That's Dreamy Rimmy in a nutshell, and you can catch the Perth shoegazers bring it at Laneway in Freo!

It's pretty 90s inspired. Ali's all about that stuff and she writes most of it so that makes sense. Ali comes up with the skeleton of the song but I think she just hears stuff she likes and learns from what she hears. You'll be opening up Laneway for Unearthed this year. What can punters expect from a Dream Rimmy live show? Well we have 6 members. So there's a fair bit of noise.

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Ali and George do lots of harmonies. We try and do the wall of sound thing. We just played North Freo pub crawl show in Fremantle. There were a lot of bands and it was v. It's very incestuous. Most of the bands have sharing members with other bands so it feels like a bit of a collective.

Electronic personal. Indie, Pop, Roots alternative , Pop , Acoustic , Indie, Pop, Rock gena rose bruce , coming down , the way you make love , Indie, Pop, Roots blues , Soul , old-school , Electronic, Indie Atmospheric , Energetic , feel good , Electronic, Indie, Pop Myami , wayfarer , electropop , Electronic chillout downtempo electronic.

What can punters expect from an Introvert live show? Lots of emotion, balanced with a good old joke or two! Stephen chose this one, as the track is written about a person who loses their sister to cancer, it reminds him of a time where he nearly lost his to leukaemia. Great turnout, and a really good reception for the bands made it one to remember.

Tell us about the bands or people in the Newcastle music community that inspire you. For the rest of the year our number one focus is definitely the tour with Birds Of Tokyo. Dance, Electronic, Hip Hop bass , Electronica. Punk, Rock Garage , surf , Punk , Pop "Alternative rock"indie"electro. Electronic, Indie these guy , Brisbane , Synths. Electronic, Pop electronic , pop. Indie, Pop Folk , enchanting , Singer songwriter , What's the origin story of Confidence Man? It all started in our home studio all of us lived together when one of us was writing a bass line and struggling with song ideas.

The four of us were all in the room so we slowly started screaming over the top of each other and trying to grab the microphone to sing little melodies. By the end of the night I just remember that we were all pretty wasted and we were all hugging each other and screaming "this is the best thing ever! We're similar people and we like similar music, so it's been easy to know what direction we want to go in. I love to dance, so I really focus on writing big bass lines and cheeky percussion parts.

I love the way Todd Terje makes badass dance music in a really cute, dorky way. That's the vibe I like to go for. What can punters expect from a Confidence Man live show? Champagne, bee keeper hats, black eye make up and two of the sassiest live dancers you'll ever see.

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I saw Sampa the Great at Bigsound. She was awesome, I think she's a badass. Tell us about the bands or people in the Australian music community that inspire you. We're inspired by a lot of Brisbane bands because we're always working together and showing each other demos. Everyone is super-supportive in Brisbane. Lots of touring, writing, releasing some new tracks, but above all making some more overstated outfits.

Developing our sound was pretty much a trial and error situation where we would write songs, test them live and then fix the parts or get rid of the songs that we weren't happy with. Mikes dad is annoyed that he has lost the use of his beloved pool table that he never used, but it was a sacrifice we were willing to make. Steven Schram has produced our last two singles and we have certainly gained a lot from working with him.

What's your greatest source of inspiration for making music? We are all huge fans of music. Watching bands smashing it out on stage or listening to an awesome album makes us want to do the same. Four sweaty dudes on stage, bouncing around like a beach ball at a Nickelback concert. What's the best advice you've been given and who was it from? We supported Polish Club in Byron Bay and we had a few beers with them before the show. They were telling us to always work with people that really care about your music and are passionate about what you do makes sense, right?

Top blokes. If this doesn't get you jacked up, then you must be a robot. Shares in Kleenex must have skyrocketed when this song came out. Luke Million and his track 'Arnie'. We lose our biscuits when this banger comes on. An absolute must have in any party mix. Matt has a mad party mix - it's on Spotify if you wanna check it out. We're looking forward to checking his set out at Splendour! Huge lineup and that light show was lit! There were more lasers than the 'Lasers Only' mode on GoldenEye ' Mario from our local record store in Byron Bay, Howl and Moan Records, is really creating a music scene in the local area.

We've played and been to gigs at his shop and it's always an awesome vibe. Plus, we always walk out with a new vinyl! We are also really lucky to live in an area that has some seriously amazing festivals such as Splendour in the Grass, Falls Festival and Blues Fest. How could you not be inspired seeing your favourite band thrash it out to thousands of people?

We've actually got some new music being released very soon as well as a tour, which we're really looking forward to. We have a couple more exciting things on the horizon but they're more secretive than Mr Krabs' Krabby Patty recipe. Dance, Electronic nocturnal tapes , Electronica , Yamba , Feels are a percussive electronic outfit from Perth, and the winners of our Listen Out competition for WA! We're featuring their buoyant and bubbly tunes all this week on Unearthed.

Elise and Rosie met during high school when they were 14 at an after school percussion program. During a Djembe solo we locked eyes and from that day, we knew we would make music together. We both studied classical percussion at University and Elise went on to study composition. Our love for rhythm and classical composition has definitely influenced our sound and how we create a Feels track. We have always loved electronic music and wanted to find the balance between using our classical composition and percussion skills to created serious beats and shredding synth lines.

Rhythm is definitely our greatest inspiration and usually the main focus for our tracks. We like to find simple patterns and find ways to disrupt and manipulate them. We both play percussion every day, whether it be tutoring high school students, or playing for dancers at WAAPA. Playing has always been a huge inspiration for our music. Our study of many different styles of percussion music and composition has also been influential on our music.

Live drums, electronics and tinsel jackets! Oh, and a surfboard. We saw so many local bands it was amazing! Miss Blanks was definitely a highlight for us. It was great to see such a diverse range of artists at the festival.

Being from Perth, it was amazing to see such a large representation of our local music scene. Earlier this year, we co-founded WOMPP Women of Music Production Perth a platform for female, transgender and nonbinary music makers to share and discuss music production. We have monthly meetings to discuss electronic music production, share tracks and prepare for our biannual showcases. Through the creation of this community, we have met some of the most talent and inspiring individuals in the Perth music scene.

Over this past year we have seen so many strong electronic acts form and more established artists become even more confident. What are your plans for the future? We have our debut EP Emerald coming out in November with 2 more singles in between. We will also be doing an Ableton studio residency in Sydney January in which we hope to start writing a new album. We are definitely wanting to do an East coast tour in and release more new music!

Dance, Electronic chill chill wave house electronic. Metal, Punk Hardcore , Perth , worlds apart. Dance, Electronic, Hip Hop, Pop. Melbourne trio Dumb Punts serve up punchy as tunes with their loud and raw garage punk. Brent and Seattle moved from Bonny Hills to Melbourne and for the first few months we played in the jungle den studio shed and a week later we had to play a show. It all just developed from there. We inspire each other and our mates are big ones too. If you look back at '70s and '80s garage and punk music, especially in Australia, it's pretty inspiring too. You'll be playing Falls Festival in Lorne.

What can punters expect from a Dumb Punts live show? Probably when Mum taught us not to take ourselves too seriously and that if you want something you gotta go and get it. We had a fundraiser show at our place and a bunch of awesome bands played in our basement, that was a sick one. We live with and surround ourselves with musos and living in Melbourne means that we spend a bunch of time watching bands and doing music. It's just awesome cause Melbourne is so open to creativity and we are right in there copping that.

Release our next 7-inch and then an album hopefully. Tour some more, get overseas and just keep on keeping on. Dance, Electronic, Hip Hop bass , Electronic , beats , Indie, Pop Edward R.

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Indie, Pop, Rock psychedelic , jazzy , Rock , Indie, Punk Emo , twinkle , Adelaide , Punk, Rock Punk , Rock , horror , Metal djent , metalcore , Progressive , Electronic, Indie alternative , Electronic , Lowfi. She's just dropped perhaps the best pop track of so far! Deeply human feelings and behaviour is the thing that truly inspires me to create, I think.

I think I put on a good show. I love the drama involved in being onstage. There have been two instances where some extraordinarily pertinent advice has been given to me at exactly the right time. And she was right. This has worked for me approximately one trillion times. Also 'Better' by Mallrat. OK, this is definitely my forte. Both lyrically unbelievable and so so so miserable. Both superb!! Have you ever heard anything as unhingedly glorious as this song?! The last one I can really remember was the Ceres Christmas show in December. It was my first time seeing Ceres live and it changed everything.

Write heaps, hopefully play many shows, and embrace whatever it means to be completely vulnerably human as much and as often as possible. Lose yourself in the warmth and layers of her delicate, soothing tunes. The electronic world is still very, very new to me! Tell us about growing up in Denmark, WA. What are your strongest memories of that time? Music was definitely a huge part of my childhood. I remember dancing around the kitchen bench to The Pogues with my dad, and singing along to an old Tracy Chapman cassette with my Mum on the way to school. My earliest memory of seeing live music is packing a picnic and heading to Albany with my family to see the Waifs and Paul Kelly - all us kids would take off our shoes and run wild.

No-one does live music like Denmark hippies. And it probably goes without saying that Justin Vernon can falsetto my socks off any day. But I guess my main goal is just to learn as much as I can. Rather than setting deadlines for myself, I think its important that I just take my time and enjoy the process! The Pretty Littles make "sing-a-long-with-your-mates-while-sinkin-a-few" rock jams and we're stoked to have them as our Feature Artist all this week. Our music is middle of the road sorta scrappy pop rock. There are some dumb ones and some serious ones. I think we developed our sound by writing and recording lots and lots in the last 7 or 8 years.

I think trying to write songs that we are all proud of. Also so many sick bands are making such great music that it's easy to be inspired that way too. What can punters expect from a Pretty Littles live show? There will definitely be 2 guitars, 1 bass and 1 drum kit, which sets us apart from pretty much every band out there at the moment. He said that 'no matter what, music is a community and if someone has success then everyone does and that there's no room for being competitive with something like music.

It was fun as. Also Jo Syme helped us out on some vocals for pride which rocked. So so many. What are your plans for the rest of ? Its gonna be our first vinyl too! Cant wait to see that waxy dawg. Indie "Alternative. Indie, Pop, Rock Fuzz , melody , Delay , Hip Hop hiphop , Soul , Rnb , Indie, Punk, Rock folk punk sadcore feelings dogs adelaide. Dance, Electronic, Pop Pop. Electronic, Pop Electronic , Pop , alternative , Amy Shark is a young song writer, filmmaker and producer hailing from the Gold Coast.

She's just released her gorgeous new single 'Adore' and she's this week's triple j Unearthed Feature Artist. It took a while for me to figure out my sound. Because I was so heavily influenced by a lot of different artists but as soon as I got it, and built a song using all the right ingredients i. I think just listening to music in general inspires me. But I also use it as a release, so if there's some heavy shit going down or I feel a bit off I'll usually have a muck around on the guitar and see what happens. Sometimes nothing, sometimes magic. What can punters expect from an Amy Sharks live show?

I like chatting about stuff between tracks, and seeing as all my songs are rather personal I can get pretty involved in the performance part too. Let's just do this for fun. Seth Sentry - The Waitress Song. One of the best tracks ever. Plus Who doesn't get happy hearing the word breakfast?

SIA - Breathe me. That's enough to break anyone in half. That's easy! Flume - Sleepless! Dylan Joel at the Cooly Hotel - so fun! Tell us about the bands or people in the Gold Coast music community that inspire you. We have some cool stuff happening on the GC. Serious talent is growing amongst the palm trees and coffee shops. Sam Morris has really taken our music scene by the balls and thrown it in the spot light for the country to see. Which is rad!

Someone had to do it. We are a quiet breed here on the GC. Most of us are more interested in skating, surfing, guzzling coffee and smashing acai bowls than promoting ourselves, but i think the country is slowly turning around to take a peak at us. Looks like I'm going to be doing a lot of stuff between Syd, Melb and America towards the end of this year. Since the release of 'Adore' there has been some cool people keen to give me a run so I'm keen as to make more music, release my EP and play a heap of shows! How did you first get into playing music? I first got into music by just wanting to copy my sister - she played piano when I was quite young and I just looked up to her and wanted to copy her.

So I've been playing piano for 15 or 16 years now. I started out doing just classical stuff then later found a lot of hardcore, emo and alternative bands that I got my angst out with, and from there got into contemporary music a bit more. What sort of music were you exposed to when you were younger? When I think about the music I was exposed to when I was younger I can only recall negative experiences. My mum raised me on a lot of Backstreet Boys and Shania Twain. I get that some people might like that, but it was a pretty dismal experience for me.

I developed my sound through a lot of trial and error. Initially it was hardcore and alternative music that opened me up to how emotions can be conveyed in song. So I think a lot of the process has been trying different things until something's clicked and since this has clicked it's been about finding the best way to convey and emote the things I want to say. How would you describe your sound now?

I like to think of it as fairly honest music. I try not to dress it up too much. It's just an exploration of ideas that are going on in my head. My approach is to sing the songs in a way that is like you and I are just hanging out and I'm telling you what's going on. Describing it as "raw" might be a little cliche, but it is quite genuine and unfiltered. It's been called 'sad boy folk'. Just listen and have a cry. Where do you draw your inspiration from? A lot of the inspiration for the songs I write just comes out as the songs manifest themselves. It feels like unconscious writing.

It comes from a place that's quite heartfelt. The stories usually come from personal experiences or they are reflections on a personal experience. The occasional song will be inspired by a friends experience, but it's all pretty close to home. How and where do you produce your songs? I produce all my songs out of my bedroom in Thornbury, Melbourne. It's a beautiful area. My house is on the corner of a road, so there's a lot of heavy traffic going by. I record and mix all my music there - so that's why if you listen really close you'll probably hear a car or some birds in my tracks.

What do you do when you're not creating music? When I'm not creating music, I'm performing music. It's become so much a part of my identity that I don't do much aside from create, record or play music. When I'm not playing my own stuff, I'm playing in mate's bands. What can punters epect from an Alexander Biggs live show?

When you come to a live show you can expect me and an acoustic guitar. I'm working on putting a band together, but for now it's just me. It's a very simple setup and an even more honest experience than listening to my recordings, because there's no production or double-tracking. You can hear every word of my songs, plus I can give you some cheesy banter inbetween them. Please tell us about the Melbourne music scene. The Melbourne music scene is a beautiful and incredible thing, and I'm so blessed to be involved in something so genuine and cool. It's friendly and embracing, there's great venues and just so much incredible talent to play shows with.

They'll be taking their anthemic indie rock sounds to the Ampitheatre stage of Splendour at midday on Saturday, July How did develop your sound? PLTS was born from a simple vision; to create feel good music that engages with people. There were no real limits to the sounds we started out creating back in , but given our broad range of influences spanning from folk to soul to punk-hardcore, a natural indie-rock sound started to emerge. First and foremost, a passion for music itself. Whether its watching a ripping live gig, discovering a new band on the internet or finding comfort in a new genre outside your go-to playlists, that basic love for music helps to explore and create new sounds.

Secondly, our natural surroundings. Such an incredible place to live, showcasing some of the best coastlines to creative thinkers the country has to offer. What can punters expect from a PLTS live show? We go hard on stage when required, but our strengths are equally showcased in our slower, more emotive songs. Expect to see all these dynamics, boiling into a solid 45 minutes of good vibes. We also just really enjoy performing as a group, so I hope that shines through!

Seems kind of corny now I think of it, but it definitely stuck and it stands at the basis of what we do. Round The Twist theme song, then repeat it once it finishes. Tell us about the bands or people in your music community that inspire you. Byron Bay has a really thriving, tight knit music community. The diversity is immense in terms of genres. The fact that all these bands exist and put so much time and energy into doing what they do, inspires us to represent and be part of our local music scene.

Plenty of gigs and new bands to meet, pedals to buy and just good vibes overall! Indie, Rock Moana , art-rock , grunge , Indie, Pop Indie Pop , feel good pop , high tempo , Dance, Electronic electronic bass ukbass dubstep. Electronic, Indie, Pop, Rock charlie lim. Indie, Rock safehands , newcastle , posthardcore , Float away to a beach-side dance floor with the summery sounds of Sydney producer Nyxen. Grab a cocktail, watch the sunset, feel good. The sound of my music is heavily influenced by my background playing guitar and djing. It's all about the contrast between dreamy and groovy, I've just taken my two favourite things and fused them.

I know this has probably been said by every producer in the last 4 years, but watching the development of Flume's sound and his musical journey has been a huge inspiration for me. It's really cool seeing someone from my city doing something and making it all their own, it's a reminder to just do you. What can punters expect from a Nyxen live show? At a Nyxen DJ show you can expect trippy, funky and groovy tunes. I like to play music that I'm loving at the time, so could be electronica, house or anything that makes me want to dance!

I'm really keen to start creating a Nyxen live show! I just started a track and my main thought behind it is "how would this sound live? It's pretty early days for the live show but I'd definitely want to incorporate live guitar, vocals and keys. So watch this space! Something that really resonated with me was what my mum told me.

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At the time, I was working a job at an insurance company, and one day she called me and pretty much told me to quit. She just wanted me to focus on my music, and to find a job that let me put my energy into what I really love thanks mum. The last live gig I went to was at Newtown Social. I watched The Garden put on the most intense live show i've ever seen. There weren't that many people there but everyone was really into it. The guys were swinging from the roof no joke it was insane! Go Freek have been getting behind me since I first started making tunes, and their attitude towards other artists is what makes them so inspiring.

To have two guys that have been making sick music and touring Australia and USA actually take the time to give advise to young artists is such an admirable attitude, and their willingness to share feedback and be genuinely kind is contagious and so inspiring. When we finish that I really want to work on creating a live show and heaaaps of new tunes.

I've almost finished a few so you'll definitely be seeing them up on my Unearthed profile very soon! Pop Pop. So our music is basically what we would call experimental hip hop. We first begun working on music together with the intention of just trying to make something we would want to hear. Developing our sound was a natural process. Just basically jamming out and coming up with something we liked. Tough one. Our inspiration comes from all sorts of different places and also we have individual influences.

What are you most looking forward to about playing the event in Mildura? The whole thing! A chance to have our music heard by so many people who would have no idea who we are, and a chance to meet the other bands! We've been working really hard on our live show. We are playing with a live band! Not too sure as far as advice! But the reviews we've got from the triple j dudes on triple j unearthed have been pretty awesome! Our dawg Lewi ; What Australian track would you play to cheer up someone who was crying?

Tkay Maidza - 'Brontosaurus' Tell us about the bands or people in the Victorian music community that inspire you. Chet Faker would be one. To finish our album "Black Ocean" and go on tour would be dope! Indie, Rock Indie , Rock , "Alternative. Indie, Pop, Rock Brightness. This Adelaide duo are the bestest of mates and together create what they call "peanut-brittle pop with text message lyrics".

Loaded with 80s drums and colourful synths, their music is like popping candy for your ears. All of our tracks begin on Nicks Korg Poly which has such a genuine bank of incredible sounds, when we find one we like, we go from there. Other than that our sound developed quite naturally without following too many rules. The next few had some face melting guit. There is lots of freedom on both sides to be upfront when we don't like an idea, or on the flip side, really claim an idea if we love it, shared writing has never been so fun.

Our friendship. I think living in different cities makes the times when we DO get together to make tunes more special, we always have such an energy! I trust Nick so much and honestly love everything he writes. Most of the lyrics are taken from conversations I have with people, or things I overhear them say, so by the time I fly to Adelaide and head into Nick's studio, I have a list of bangers to share and get the lyric writing happening! Heaps Good Fun!!

This project feels nice an instantaneous. We're opening the window and this music is coming through. When we play live we're aiming to pull off the same trick, just with all you guys helping with the window opening and enjoying whatever comes through!! Should you choose to do so, information you provide specifically in connection with those products and services may be shared with these businesses and subject to their privacy policies.

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