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como achar mac address no windows 7 Onde est o nmero de srie localizado no meu desktop? Como fao para alterar o idioma do teclado no Windows 7? Como .

The operating systems of both platforms support sharing via Ethernet and place no restrictions on connecting with competing proprietary systems. Insert one end of an Ethernet cable in your PC and the other end in your Mac. Turn on both computers. Make a note of your Workgroup name and computer name as you will need this information when connecting to your PC from your Mac. David Wayne has been writing since , with technology columns appearing in several regional newspapers in Texas.

Wayne graduated from the University of Houston in , earning a Bachelor of Arts in communications. Skip to main content. Tip Use the Share tab in Windows File Explorer to send files and folders to the computers on your network. I have to do this every time I switch my Mac on — it seems to forget the setting. Anyone else have the same problem? Sharing is not working after a reboot. When you go to the sharing control panel, all settings seem to be right but the internet connection is NOT being shared.

I have to turn it off and on to make it work again. This bug has been around for a long time now and makes it unusable for me. Do a search and see how many people are having the same issue. The Apache web server remains bundled with […]. So frustrating….!! Any idea why, though? I am trying to do the reverse, receive a wifi signal from my apartment through airport and send it out through ethernet to my router.

Set up Internet Sharing on Mac OSX using Command Line Tools • Open Source is Everything

But the router never receives the internet signal. Is there another setting I need to adjust? I cannot just go out and purchase a bridge because the internet requires you click through to proceed. This worked on my MacBook so that I can use my iPad3 without a router. My cable Internet provider is Optimum formerly Bresnan and turning internet sharing on did not seem to effect my service.

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Since a few days i am experiecing a problem. I am able start internet sharing from macbook pro, my adroid phone easily latches it on the open network and i can surf, but at the same time i am not able to use internet on the mac. It also happens vice versa. Something really strange and i am not able to get a proper solution. Does the mac have to be connected to the router with an ethernet cable? Hussen T, I have the same problems that you have mentioned above. Waiting in great anticipation for someone who can come to our rescue.

Shawn, I am having the same problem! Please let me know if you find a solution…thanks! Can someone tell me why this does not work at hotels that require you to login with a username password. I followed the steps exactly, I got my ipad to find the hotspot and also connected to the hotspot. Once I loaded Safari or any app that requires an internet connection, my Ipad wont connect to the site.

My laptop that I am using right now is connected to the hotels internet using the ethernet cable and a login that the hotel gave me. Once I set my laptop into wifi sharing, all my devices can connect to the hotspot but none of them actually get any internet access. Any suggestions? I followed the guide and managed to set up the wireless network.

I did this to access the internet through my iPad. Now I can access my email on my iPad, but for the life of me I cannot surf the internet. Crazy I know, but I would really be happy if anyone can advise me on how to overcome this problem.

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Same here. Why oh why oh why? Frustrated now. This worked great for me until I upgraded to Any ideas? Deleted the password — now internet sharing works, but everyone can use it. Not a acceptable solution for me.. Big problem …!! My new iPad3 is asking for a password..!!

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And I have forgotten the password I ve been using earlier on my iPad!!! How to solve this problem..? I would be very thankful for any assistance. Kind regards, Johan. I have been using this for several years now. It works fine on Snow Leopard, and I believe it also works on Lion. What is not often mentioned is that you can also use it to enable Ethernet access of non-WiFi devices to access a Wireless net.

An excellent feature which I hope Apple continues to support. Now, running Yet, when I enable sharing on the machine, it still uses the previously-configured WPA2. So, maybe the work-around is to boot into an older version of the OS, configure WPA2, and the boot back?

Yes, you mac needs to be constantly on for ti to work, but work it does. I got to share internet through iMac with wep with iPhone. B ut the PC cannot connect. I think because of Wep encoding not sure therefore not accepted by windows. If this is the problem, is there a way to use WPA?

I tried this at work — but when I start the WiFi-Diagnosis-Tool I can see that my set up network has no signal… I tried it with WEP and without just to check if this causes the failure. You are actually encouraging people to setup WEPs!? Come on guys, that is insane!

Nobody should be using WEPs in Is there a way to create a virtual adapter a la windows 7? Did you ever learn if it is possible to share internet from a computer that is getting connection wirelessly. Wi-fi to wi-fi? I set it up just like you said, with my MacBook connected to ethernet. All went well until I tried to use it. Tried several times…same result. Try setting it without WEP encryption or by using a different encryption strength. Tried it both ways, first with bit WEP, then wide open. Oh well…. I have the same problem.

For the 1st time, it works well with my android phone. I enjoyed using it for a week.

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I tried to restart my phone, but nothing changed. I tried to restart my macbook again, but nothing happen until now.. This works. Also it must be ensured that if your mac shows 2 ports or more namely ethernet, wifi … do not check ethernet option. The problem is that the Mac only provides a WEP connection which means the password is easily hacked. Investing in an Airport Express will provide better security. Another good solution is to use one of the VPN services out there.

This will allow you to connect to the internet over an unsecured connection, like your Mac on WEP, and still be secure.

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