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So who has the better midrange shot? Well they are both excellent mid-range shooters, no questioning that.

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Or at least both were great mid-range shooters as T-Mac has obviously faded from glory. But all and all, I believe that neither of them are better than the other at the mid-range jumper. Definitely not astounding, but it gets the job done.

Kobe tends to have a knack for knocking down three pointers in the clutch. Tracy like Kobe gets the job done not highly efficiently but enough to where he can be effective. Nothing really else to say, give em both a check mark. Kobe is the one of the most clutch players in NBA history. Enough said, I mean he had six game winning shots last season.

You can't top that. But T-Mac can put something in there that can give him a little bit of recognition for clutch play. Yes, the famous 13 points in 35 seconds.

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Possibly the greatest comeback of all time although I think that belongs to Reggie Miller. If not the greatest without a doubt the second greatest. I mean this is just an amazing performance by McGrady. Everything had to go right and it did.

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Yeah, even though T-Macs comeback was amazing. You can't deny that Kobe is one of the most clutch players in NBA history. Give Kobe the check mark. Not much to say, Kobe is one of the best defenders in the league. He's been on the all defensive team 10 times.

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  6. What else do you need? Kobe easily gets this one, one of the best defenders in Kobe and one of the worst in Tracy. Not even close. Kobe is not only a prolific scorer, but has learned when to pass the ball.

    NBA: 3 Players Who Weren’t Quite Kobe Bryant

    He knows know you cannot win a championship by yourself and has become a pretty good passer in this league, having great teammates like he has really helps though. Yeah, look through youtube and you'll find a bunch of great passes that T-Mac dished out. T-Mac is an above average passer and when he attracts the defense he can find the open guy with his very good court vision.

    Tracy is a better playmaker than Kobe. He is flat out a better passer and can find open teammates better than Kobe can.

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    Give the check mark to T-Mac. At that point, the only other non-big man in NBA history to finish with a PER of 30 or more in one season was Michael Jordan , who did it four times, the first time coming in his age season in In his age season, McGrady was also the youngest player regardless of position to finish with a PER of Kobe averaged over three more points per game! While within a tenth of a point on 2-point field goal percentage compared with Bryant, McGrady shot a better clip from beyond the arc, resulting in a higher effective field goal percentage. In , Bryant was first-team All-Defense.

    In general, it passes the smell test. In , McGrady was basically average, finishing at minus He averaged twice as many blocks as Bryant in his peak season and nearly one fewer foul per game. Bryant in finished with a defensive box plus-minus of minus Taking a look beyond just their best season, the same argument can be made looking at their best three-season span.