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como achar mac address no windows 7 Onde est o nmero de srie localizado no meu desktop? Como fao para alterar o idioma do teclado no Windows 7? Como .

Net pages but I have seen similar tricks for php:. The first rule will set the font to red in all browsers. This hack works because the first two releases of Safari had a bug where a hash mark after the semicolon caused Safari to choke.

Browser-Specific CSS Hacks

This is probably the ugliest hack in this tutorial, so use it sparingly if at all. If you need to target Safari in general regardless of which version use the same prefix trick we used with Firefox. However you can retain the Safari-only aspect by combining it with the Opera-only rule below. But, should you ever need to target Opera, we have a way. This one comes courtesy of Neal Grosskopf.

Solution 2

Grasskopf also has a comprehensive list of other browser hacks, including some conditional comment hacks we try to avoid. At the moment that means Opera, but eventually Firefox will add support for -min-device-pixel-ratio which means, eventually, it too will be affected by this hack.

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Conclusion CSS hacks are just that — hacks. In general you should make every effort to avoid using them. There's nothing worse than getting the middle seat on a flight. This new set up might actually make it tolerable. T… twitter.

Skip Article Header. The below example uses jQuery. Although these tricks may do the job, they may cause issues for you down the line. Each browser has a different set of defaults styles for each element some might have a line height of 1em for paragraph tags while others have 1.

CSS issues and hacks for Mac IE 5 | CSS, JavaScript and XHTML Explained

The best way to ensure consistency is to first set a base style for all elements. I tweet about new technologies, services or libraries I find interesting Yeah, sometimes I'll post a pet-peeve or rant about something trivial If I discover something that made my web development life easier, I share it I'll shout out any handy tip that I think might be useful to other devs Related Posts Browser printing events 1 Mobile CSS tip — padding is your friend 1 Fast-pass to mobile enhanced website 1. Any Idea how to apply this for print.

Consider using em and rem instead of px. Please Sign up or sign in to vote. See more: CSS. Hi please provide me css hack for safari browser.

Google Chrome (browser) CSS Hack

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I cannot imagine the situation where something is needed for Safari only. Does it mean that it also required to be disastrous with any other browser? I would not hope for any constructive answer without proper explanation why. Most people would hate to help doing bad things. Perhaps you can explain why what normally people consider as bad is actually good for something. Top Rated Most Recent. Posted 6-Jul pm Tejas Vaishnav. Posted Oct pm webprom.

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Hack 1: @media and -webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio

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