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There are more than enough awesome singles on the record though. It combines a slow start and a hook perfect for summer time sing-a-longs with a bassline-meets-synth backing which frames it perfectly.

Annie Mac Presents 2013 Tracklist Has Been Announced!

Near producing perfection from the London artists. British rockers Mallory Knox have returned with Asymmetry, the follow up to their killer debut album Signals — and the new record picks up almost exactly where the old one left off. Signals was an album packed with awesome instrumentals, rhythmic vocals and original, addictive hooks that are rarely heard in these days where YouTube disasters rule the charts.

Despite some good work though, the Cambridge five-piece do seem to get a little lost at times. You'll be screaming 'again?! The band do regroup for a grandstand finish though. The former is a punchy, dramatic number that shows the ingenuity some of the previous numbers lacked. The latter is a daring end to the record, with over a minute of sick guitar and drum work leading up to an addictive rhythm and appropriate end. These concluding songs prove what most of us already know — that Mallory Knox are up there with the best in Britain and have the potential to turn global stars.

They just have to harness that original edge heard in their best material first and turn away from the samey template that makes much of the middle of this album a bit of a drag. Amongst the podcast's completely irrelevant tangents and weird bits, it does, in fact, have some interesting nuggets of information about the band and admittedly had me replaying my U2 Greatest Hits CD.

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I'd also heard that the album would be produced by Dangermouse, whose latest album with Broken Bells is one of the best released this year. The album starts off very well with the band singing a high 'ohs' over a drum rim rhythm followed by huge dirty power chords from The Edge. It works as a great start to an album. Unfortunately 'The Miracle of Joey Ramone ' slightly loses this momentum with an awkward transition between the verses and chorus.

The track's lyrics, however, are very good. The song is about a Ramones concert that the Irish quartet sneaked into as kids and how the band wouldn't be around were it not for that experience. The lyrics don't name check Joey Ramone in the song and it feels slightly hacky that they have him in the video and in the title of the song. While the album doesn't really have an overall sound like 'Achtung Baby' or 'All That You Can't Leave Behind', the album does display each producer at their best.

While musically disparate, the album is held together lyrically by the theme of youth, present throughout the tracks.

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Bono has said that 'Songs of Innocence' is their most personal album which is exemplified with 'Song for Someone', a very sweet love about meeting his wife at 12, and 'Iris Hold Me Close ' a song about his Mum dying at a young age. While lyrically quite stunning, 'Iris Hold Me Close comes across as another filler U2 track complete with The Edge's overused delay effect.

The worst track on the album is Volcano, a faux sexy jam with cringeworthy spoken word sections and a really boring and annoying chorus. Luckily, it is followed by, best track on the album, 'Raised by Wolves', an incredibly atmospheric track telling the story of a car bombing in Dublin that was witnessed by one of Bono's friends. The track performs the cool trick of building to something, dying down and then building up again.

By the time the first chorus plays, so much tension has been built so when it finally does play, it's fucking great.

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A very prominent doubler effect is put on Bono as he wails the track's title over tribal-esque drums from Larry Mullen Jnr. The album closes with 'The Troubles' a eery duet with Swedish indie starlet, Lykke Li The quiet ballad has Bono looking back and saying 'You're not my troubles, any more'.

It works very well as a closer as it puts a lid on traumatic events discussed within the album. U2 have said they'd follow 'Songs of Innocence' with 'Songs of Experience'.

If they can encapsulate their later years with the honesty and fantastic production utilized in portraying their youth, this can only be good news. They may need to find a less hate-inspiring way of releasing it and less embarrassing album artwork.

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A homecoming party is always that bit more special than your regular celebratory bash. So when notorious revelry kings Rudimental returned to London for the first time in months, it was always bound to be a messy night. Accompanying him? The rest of the Rudimental boys and their famous entourage — two lead vocalists, three back-up singers, trumpets and saxophones blasting out brass madness and a crazy drummer combining to crash out the carnivalistic chaos with which the group are now synonymous.

The sheer mass of musical madness and the hypnotic energy being churned out from the stage is scarily easy to get lost in. Caught up in the moment, the crowd lapped it up. We were bouncing around harder than a kangaroo on a trampoline reverberating the legendary lyrics back at the stage. Feel the Love capped the regular set off with a bang, the signature heart signs taking to the air across the crowd and Mark Crown absolute slaying his trumpet solo to make the crowd lose their minds.

Five or fifteen choruses later and it was time for a brief break and an encore.

Annie Mac's Sunshine Mix

Rudimental prove once again that they deserve their reputation as one of the best live acts around. They always provide an occasion to remember and the feel-good vibes get the audience mad. Never let it be said that drum and bass is all about a computer screen. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Get Started. Cocoon Recordings.

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