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como achar mac address no windows 7 Onde est o nmero de srie localizado no meu desktop? Como fao para alterar o idioma do teclado no Windows 7? Como .

Performance and recommendations have not changed.

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If you are principally doing video editing or motion graphics work, purchase the or, if you can afford it, the My tests have shown this is more than sufficient for virtually all video editing. Also, if you have a lot of devices, consider a dock, which takes a single USB-C cable from the computer and splits it into a wide variety of separate ports.

This will be fine for all SD and general HD editing that is not effects-heavy. If you are working in 4K or higher resolutions, do lots of effects work in After Effects or Motion, and are principally focused on video editing, the higher end laptop with GB of storage and a top of the line GPU will be a better choice. Thanks Larry! Yes, my computer is a Thunderbolt 3 with the two ports on each side. Will I notice a difference on playback or scrubbing through such footage between the two? Give me the hard truth!! And again, thank you so much. Thank you Larry! At this point you deserve a credit on this movie!!!

I really apprecaite you taking the time and giving me your expertise — incredibly helpful and stress-relieving! Your email address will not be published. Access over 1, on-demand video editing courses. Become a member of our Video Training Library today!

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July 10, at am. Larry says:. What processes do you need to accomplish that this machine is too slow at preforming? Incidentally I can edit perfectly fine on a 5 year old MBP. But I do other things that require a better balance between portability and power. And quite honestly a touch strip on a MBP will not increase my productivity to the point where it can offset the cost of the equipment and the performance loss outside of editing. On top of that their glacial approach to hardware updates does me no favours. Of course you can do proxys I edit on Premiere but your editing time gets a bit more slow due to recompression of all your footage.

At the end of the day, big amounts of data need big amounts of hardware…thats for sure.

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  • But When i edit for example p 60 fps material about 12 minutes timeline it takes hours to export the movie in Magix Movie X. I think this is a software problem or? Is my pc too slow? Hi Jonny — as always, thank you for everything you do for the community. I also bought a Samsung T3 Drive, which is incredibly fast! Should I spring for it now or keep this one going while Apple works out more kinks? Thanks for this very thorough and helpful post!

    Macbook Pro vs Dell XPS 15 - Video Editing Comparison (Mac vs PC)

    Hey Willa, Thanks for checking out the blog. For various reasons I ended up getting the stock configuration. See near the top of the post. If you can wait about another days you might hit the next product update, maybe!? Personally, I like to buy as close to a product update as I can and keep it as long as I can. Thank you Johnny, very helpful! I will keep my eye on MacRumors and heed your advice to hang tight till the next round. Nothing causing me issues as of the moment. Thank you! Hi Johnny.

    Thanks for the article. I am considering the new MacBook Pro refurbished, but the only model I see is the 2. Ideally would like to wait and see what comes out next year 32 gigs of ram , but need to get one this year. Appreciate your thoughts. Granted this is not my main machine, but I need to retire my MacBook Pro!

    But it all depends on how big the discount is for refurbishment I guess. Thanks for the reply. Granted anything I get will be better than my current model. Appreciate your thoughts on this and really like reading your articles. Well I would just buy the best you can at a good price. Also worth looking at third-party sellers on Amazon for different spec machines. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Should I wait for the Macbook Pro?

    The best video editing software 12222

    That almost happened. Hopefully the following resources and reviews will help you make up your own mind!

    Touch Bar Macbook Pro 2016 Reviews

    High Sierra beta Apple also previewed the next version of the Mac operating system, called High Sierra. Metal 2 also brings support for VR and machine learning. How is your 15" MacBook for transporting around? As I am a student, I currently do not have the biggest budget and need to try and cut costs where possible. I really do appreciate the help ogelthorpe, although a 17" MacBook would for sure be way too much of a burden to carry around at uni. I definitely do not want to go any bigger than a 15", if avoidable.

    Thank you ever so much - I can't begin to explain how helpful you have been! I will definitely keep everything you have said in mind when it comes to ordering my MacBook. You're very welcome. Whatever MacBook Pro you decide to purchase, I'm sure you'll be happy with it. Also, keep in mind that you have 14 days to return or exchange it if you're not happy with it. Anything is possible.

    Ultimate 4K Video Editing with MacBook Pro and eGPU

    But at the end of the day, I'm sure the MacBook Pro you end up purchasing will serve it's purpose. I've seen people doing video editing with a i7 MacBook Air. Question: Q: What is the best MacBook for video editing? More Less. Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate.

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